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The Letter Tribe – one of our latest eCommerce partners asked us to redesign their woo-commerce website and here are some things we did!

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WooCommerce is a leading eCommerce system around the world. It powers more than 30% online shops around the world! We advised The Letter Tribe to choose this platform because it is easy to use it. Website owners had previous experience with Shopify and were happy with it, but because they wanted a unique design and look, as well as better functionality, we were more than happy to accept this redesign.

Important things to have a successful WooCommerce store.

You might need an online store for your products, so what are the things to make sure you get when contacting the agency about website development?

Responsive Design.

As more and more people are browsing using a tablet or mobile, it is a necessity that your new site is mobile friendly. If the text is in the wrong size, goes out of the screen or the buy button can’t be found, it is an absolute red flag for a client. It does affect not only your clients and their experience in your website, as well as your revenue, but also how much Google will like your new website, because it will also affect your website SEO and rankings!


Your new website must have all the functionality. Of course it must look nice! But if your clients can’t find how to contact you to ask anything, it is a customer lost, maybe forever. It is important to integrate both contact form on your contact page and contact chat that can be connected with your facebook, letting you and your customers reach each other easily.

Another important part is the Payment Gateways. It is always great to integrate both Paypal and credit card payments. Another trick we suggest is integrating distraction-free checkout.


What is SEO and why any website needs it? Well, to make it short, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation provides that your website is easy to find in Google and other search engines. When your website is optimized – both code and content, it has higher chances to appear on top of search results. So when deciding to have your website developed, ask for these services as well, because we bet you won’t want a Woocommerce site that gets no traffic!

Good content, website speed, usage of keywords, as well as competitor analysis is part of the SEO. All these things affect SEO, so it is a good thing to assign these things to professionals.

Do you need a website redesign or plan to have a Woocommerce shop?

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