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No one likes old and slow sites that can’t be viewed in small screens and when searched in Google shows wrong information.

Let us give your business a kick by designing a responsive & optimized website with great design. 

All these things are the core factor to increase revenue and get more leads because user experience matters! 

All of the sites we make include clean code, custom design, responsiveness, and on-site optimization. 

Because of the clean code, they are super fast which leads to SEO- optimization that is important for any business online.

Responsive website design & improved user experience

Why is it so important?

Back in 2015, Google rolled out a change to the search engine algorithms which now factor in a website’s mobile presence as a ranking signal.

Did you know the number of smartphone users internationally surpassed 2 billion in 2016?

It’s true: over 60% of searches online now come from a mobile device.

With the Google algorithm update, a responsive web design increases visibility on search engines—because it is mobile-friendly. A site with an effective mobile experience will show up in search results above one without.


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"We went Bold, and will never look back. After launch, our website was finally fast, responsive & the redesign also improved our rankings in Google search. Thank you for the work done, couldn't recommend Bold enough!
Sanita Vebere, Laced in Love Weddings Directory

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